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BOLZ INTEC transport and discharge system

Practical and multifunctional discharge system for drums. Emptying of drums with little residuals and low risk of contamination.

BOLZ INTEC transport and discharge system consisting of:

  • Drums
  • New constructed connection part (funnel)
  • Cover

The special designes funnel with a flap (various systems) is easily and safely fixed on the drum wirth a clamping ring and a seal. This allows the user to operate his familiar technology used for emptying.

For unhindered product flow the drum which is in contact with the product is extended into the funnel. With the bordur fitted to the funnel, the attachment geometry on the drum is similar to a lid. The drum can be almost emptied without interfering edges.

  • All BOLZ INTEC standard bottoms are useable
  • For drums with torisphericals heads Tri Clamp nozzles are welded on them
  • CIP lance can be installed easily

Technical information:

315, 375, 400, 450, 500 and 560 mm

rolled-bright steel/2B, ground finished or electropolished

0,25 µm - only brushed /rolled bright steel

1.4301(AISI304), 1.44.04, 1.4435 (AISI 316L) optional: Hastelloy HC 22
Special materials on request

round cord seal with FDA-approval / USP class 6 and BSE/TSE-approval

Seal materils:
Silicon, optional: EPDM, Viton and FEP coatings


Ask us for details - we will be happy to advice you.