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Electro-polished surfaces have maximum corrosion resistance thanks to their high passivity. Product deposits are reduced due to improved roughness values and above all the optimised surface profile.

Ground and electro-polished surfaces have no foreign particles, making them clean and process-neutral. Electro-polishing offers huge advantages wherever cleanliness, sterility, ease of cleaning and extended cleaning intervals are important. This is particularly useful for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical and also food industries.

The new BOLZ INTEC process for electro-polish rust-proof steels such as stainless steel

Advantages of electropolishing:

• A more homogeneous passive layer for stainless steel materials
• High corrosion resistance
• Low roughness values
• Significantly reduced deposits on parts with medium contact
• Easy cleaning of objects
• Extension of component lifetime

More features

• Much higher surface quality of eletro-polished components
• More even surfaces through reduction of roughness peaks
• Improved composition of stainless steel passive layer thanks to a more homogeneous surface structure
• Improved corrosion resistance to a variety of aggressive media

Comparison of Ra values:

Conventional electro-polishing – BOLZ INTEC technique
(pre-grinding with grain size 700 abrasive)









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BOLZ INTEC has received an award for its electro-polishing process.
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