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Laser marking of stainless steel containers

Our laser markers offer great versatility for almost any application.

Differing laser marking techniques are used, depending on the application.
We use tempering and laser engraving to mark barrels and other containers.

Tempering is used in sectors where hygiene is a top priority, e. g. in the pharmaceutical, foods und chemicals industries. As a result of the application of heat at low pulse peak performance, the material is partially so strongly heated that temper colours are created. This laser marking process does not attack the surface of the material and, simultaneously, creates high-contrast, easily legible, waterproof and wipe-proof printing. Even components that are subject to high stress maintain their mechanical properties.

Example: surface roughness measurements

Sheet metalRa = 0.20 μm
Printing:Ra = 0.56 μm, Ra = 0.57 μm, Ra = 0.63 μm

During laser engraving, on the other hand, the material is so strongly heated that partial evaporation takes place, whereby a slight amount of the surface is removed. As a result of the enormous strength of the laser beam the material is not only marked on the surface but is also altered. Thus laser engraving is extremely long-lived and durable. It is waterproof and wipe-proof and can only be removed with difficulty.

Example: surface roughness measurements

Sheet metalRa = 0.21 μm
Printing:Ra = 3.89 μm, Ra = 3.99 μm, Ra = 4.22 μm

The marking is directly applied to the container and can be tailor-made to meet any customer requirement. It is also possible to mark conical containers.

Length of workpiece:       
Max. weight of workpiece:   

Maximum surface to be marked:
Flat surfaces           
Rounded surfaces      

up to 2500 mm
up to 2000 mm
up to 500 kg

480 x 280mm
H = 280 mm
rounded complete


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Application examples:

Tempering on sterile containers for the storage and transport of liquids.

Laser marking boiler label

Tempering ingraving funnel

Laser marking Data Matrix