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Handle options & borders

BOLZ INTEC supply our open-head drums in a variety of handle versions. The drum casing is available in a beaded or smooth version.

Droped handles spot welded Screwed handle
Dropped handles, spot-welded to drum jacketHandle screwed
Handle on plate spot welded on the drum jacketHandle on plate sanitary welded on the drum jacket
Handle on plate spot-
welded to drum jacket
Handle on plate sanitary-
welded to drum jacket
Lifitng plug om plate tightly welded omn the bodySwedge
Lifting plug on plate
tightly welded to the body


The standard version has an open border, but tightly welded borders are also available.

Open border standardBorder welded
Open borderBorder welded

Ask us for details - we will happy to advise you.

Download detailed informations:

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