bolz intec gmbh

Definition of project:

Optimising the existing electropolishing equipment by developing the findings already acquired from a previous diploma thesis.

The following work is to be carried out in the course of the diploma thesis/bachelor dissertation:

  • Carrying out trials with existing equipment
  • Evaluating and interpreting the results of the trials
  • Developing the process all the way to market maturity


  • A high level of commitment and ability to work independently
  • Good team player, flexibility
  • Good analytical skills
  • Enthusiasm for interdisciplinary work

Course of studies: Mechanical engineering, Process Engineering, Surface Technology
Project period: 6 months
Beginning: possible at once

If you are interested in this work or require further information, please contact:
Stephan Fink
Stephanusstraße 4
D-88260 Argenbühl