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Emission-free powder transfer system (EPTS)

Your transport solution for solids ...
- environmentally friendly, product-protection, and in line with safety at work concepts

The BOLZ INTEC EPTS is ideal for the closed transport of toxic products within a plant, e.g. from the weighing room to the reactor. 

Guarantees emission-free product transport of the solids.

BOLZ INTEC develops its manually operated systems directly for industrial practice in close collaboration with leading European pharmaceutical companies (R&D kilolab level).
Each EPTS is a one-off construction, which means that state-of-the-art technology is always guaranteed.

The system:

The EPTS consists of a container that ist equipped with two flap valves mounted at both openings. A funnel (for filling) and a CiP chamber (for cleaning the entire system) can optionally be mounted on the valve of the container top.
The flap valve on the outlet of the transfer container is provided with
the particular connection to the reactor to be filled. In addition, a
transport trolley specially designed for this system is also available.


For cleaning completely dismantled without tools
The modular construction can be easily dismantled for cleaning autoclave to the items.

Technical properties:

Volumes: 2 – 300 litres
Pressure: 0.5 bar / vacuum
Surface quality, process side: RA ‹ 0,25 µm electropolished
Surface quality, all others: RA ‹ 0,8 µm electropolished
Materials/process side: Hastelloy HC22 (optional), 1.4435 AISI 316L
All others: 1.4301 AISI 304
Seals: EPDM and/or PTFE (FDA-approved)

Ask us for details – we would be pleased to advise you and prepare an offer.


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